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Simplified Informatics was established with high professional experience in Software Development. Our Sister Company SIMPLIFIED HEALTHCARE INFORMATICS (SHCI) is well known in providing Healthcare IT Solutions in Kuwait and the GCC Region. Our experience has been derived out of this past and present knowledge in the Software Industry.

Our Products and Services fall in three (3) categories:
1. SI Software Products
2. IT Hardware
3. Services

SI Software Products

As previously mentioned our Software products are completely designed and developed by our professional teams in Kuwait.
These systems are web based modular system. They comprise of SI-Portal and various modules launched from the portal. They are based on Ajax framework and have rich interface architecture using client side web technologies. Java Technologies are used on the Server side, with Oracle Stored Procedures at Database Level.

The Software Products were designed with scalability and flexibility in mind. The systems are fully modular. You can add modules, setup new entities and companies, add users, vendors, customers, etc… without compromising the performance and speed. The technology used to build the system allows for multiple level of security, ensuring high security and protection of data. Confidentiality of corporate information is guaranteed.

Below is a brief description of the products:

SI Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) offers a fully integrated system that streamlines and integrates all business processes and information flow in the enterprise. Using SI-ERP, you can optimize your business processes and achieve high level of operational efficiency. SI-ERP consists of 4 main Systems. These can be delivered separately or as one complete ERP Solution.

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SI Financial is a fully integrated modular online Financial and Accounting System consisting of the following modules:
o SI-Portal
o SI-Security
o General Ledger,
o Accounts Payable,
o Accounts Receivable,
o Cash and Bank, etc

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SI-Supply Chain
SI-Supply Chain is also a fully integrated modular system consisting of the following modules:
o SI-Portal
o SI-Security
o Warehouse Management
o Inventory Control
o Purchasing
o Point Of Sale

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SI-Assets is a complete Asset Management System that is fully integrated with the other systems. SI-Assets consists of the following modules:
o SI-Portal
o SI-Security
o Asset Management
o Inventory Control
o Purchasing

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SI-Human Resources
SI-Human Resources was designed and developed taking into consideration the Kuwaiti and GCC Regions. However the system is versatile so that it can be customized and implemented in any local or international environment. It is fully integrated and consists of the following modules:
o SI-Portal
o SI-Security
o SI-Personnel
o SI-Recruitment
o SI-Attendance
o SI-Payroll
o Performance Management

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SI-Pharmacy is a web based modular system consisting of multiple modules and systems. It comprises of SI-Pharmacy Portal and various modules launched from the portal. It is based on Ajax framework and has rich interface architecture using client side web technologies. Java Technologies are used on the Server side.
SI-Pharmacy System is fully integrated Pharmacy Management System that can be used in Hospitals, Drug Stores and individual and multiple pharmacies.

SI- Pharmacy consists of the following modules
o SI-Portal
o SI-Security
o SI-Pharmacy Inventory Stores
o SI-Purchasing
o SI-POS Point of Sale

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To keep intact with the technological advancements, SI-Simplified Informatics expanded its software development capabilities to include application development for mobile devices – iPhone, Android, etc…

SI-Simplified Informatics is now specialized in bringing business models in the mobile world using IOS, Android, and Windows OS. Our expertise allows our engineering team to provide customized and creative solutions.

We identify customer’s needs and requirements, evaluate existing technologies and then recommend the best solutions. We monitor the existing technologies and enhances the products for achieving best performance. Whether it is off-the-shelf software or customized, our clients continuously receive updates and enhancements whenever they are released.

Our target markets and applications:
• eCommerce
• iDelivery - this includes online ordering and delivery
• Food Industry
• Restaurants – Ordering, reservation, in-dining
• Healthcare
• iBooks
• Utilities
• Advertisements

SI-iDelivery is one of the main mobile applications. It is iPhone Mobile Applications Software that is used for online purchasing and delivery. It is targeted for Restaurants, Supermarkets, Online shopping, etc…

iDelivery consists of two major parts:
Front-end: This is the Appstore installable section of the application, which will be available to everyone to be installed on the iPhone and iPad
Back-end part: This part of the application is controlled and monitored by the business owner. Through this application, you can manage the orders, menus or items, delivery, billing, Promotion, etc…

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