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SI-Simplified Informatics expanded its software development capabilities to include application development for mobile devices.

SI-Simplified Informatics is a leading provider of off-the-shelf and customized high quality professional applications for mobile phone devices – iPhone, Android, etc…

  SI-Simplified Informatics is specialized in bringing business models in the mobile world through IOS, Android, and Windows OS. Our expertise allows our engineering team to provide customized and creative solutions. We identify customer’s needs and requirements, evaluate existing technologies and then recommend the best solutions.

SI-Simplified Informatics continuously monitors the existing technologies and enhances the products for achieving best performance. Whether it is off-the-shelf software or customized, our clients continuously receive updates and enhancements whenever they are released.

• eCommerce.
• iDelivery - this includes online ordering and delivery
• Food Industry
• Restaurants – Ordering, reservation, indining
• Healthcare
• iBooks
• Utilities
• Advertisements

Benefits for Mobile Applications:
• Handheld
• Easy to use
• Increasing usage of the mobile Smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc…)
• Increasing Internet availability
• Copy Protection through Appstore and Android
• Low cost deployment and maintenance

SI-iDelivery is one of the SI Mobile applications developed to satisfy one of the eCommerce clients.

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