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Fully automated iPhone Application with Appstore Registration

Front-end Main features:
• Use of existing Technology Advancements
• Specific to the Business Entity
• Separate application icon on iPhone / iPad
• Free download and use
• Application on Appstore
• Automatic Installation
• Easy configuration
• Flexibility of Menus
• Full display of Menu Items
• Bilingual
• Ordering, order follow up, and history
• Orders special instructions, etc..
• Address Management
• Pick-Ups

  iDelivery consists of two major parts:  
o Front-end: This is the Appstore installable section of the application, which will be available to everyone to be installed on the iPhone and iPad
o Back-end part: This part of the application is controlled and monitored by the business owner. Through this application, you can manage the orders, menus or items, delivery, billing, Promotion, etc…

Back-end Main features:

• Full content management
• Managing the menus and item master with multiple categories
• Business Rules
• Auto printing of orders
• Tracking the orders
• Keeping track of customers
• Managing Promotions
• Managing ads to customers at no charge
• Managing sponsors advertisement
• Multi-branches
• Live tracking of orders
• Managing in-house orders and billing
• Continuous enhancements
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