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SI Financials offers a fully integrated system that streamlines and consolidates all business processes and information flow in your enterprise. Using SI-Financials, you can optimize your business processes and achieve a high level of operational efficiency.

SI-Financials is a web based modular system consisting of multiple sections. It is comprised of SI-Portal and various components launched from the portal.

  User Friendly and comprehensive Financial System
  Completely secured and protected
  Decision Support System
  Easy Integration with any system

It is also based on the Ajax framework and has a rich interface architecture using client side web technologies.

SI-Financials helps in Business Intelligence and proper reporting. Executive Managers will be able to have fast access to corporate financial information helping them in the decision-making process in a timely manner.

The technology used to build the system allows for multiple level of security, ensuring high security and protection of data. Confidentiality of corporate information is guaranteed.

Main Features

• SI- Financials is a fully-integrated, on-line Financial and Accounting System.
• SI- Financials is modular and consists of the following Systems - modules:
o General Ledger,
o Accounts Payable,
o Accounts Receivable,
o Cash and Bank, etc…
• Driven by business rules which govern the way the application integrates with different modules.
• SI- Financials allows for scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, reduced maintenance and overheads.
• Reporting in PDF, Excel, Word or CSV
• Comprehensive data validations for each field with client side field masks
Real-time posting
• Data is stored in a single database providing real time data across applications
• Multiple companies and / or multiple sites
• Multiple subsidiary support
• Common chart of accounts, inventory master, department masters etc… for all companies of the group
• Auto posting of purchase voucher from AP or Material Receipt
• Cheque book management module with auto cheque book tracking
• All automatic postings based on business rules
• Company can be changed at transaction level without changing global working entity
• Automated or semi-automated bank reconciliation
• Cost center creation and allocation for all expenses and revenue
• Auto cost center allocation for sales, purchase & issues
• Suspense accounting
• Recurring entry support
• Flexible reporting
• Consolidated trial balance, P & L or balance sheet for multiple companies
• Intuitive trial balance screen with group, subgroup level collapsing
• AR dash board integration with all relevant modules directly
• Accounting years, periods and supplementary periods are possible. Possible to close individual periods.
• Comprehensive user management and security.


• SI-Financial Modules
o General Ledger
o Accounts Receivables
o Accounts Payables
o Security and Maintenances
o Users, Roles and Privileges
o Session Monitor
o Business Rules
o Masters

• SI-Financials
o General Ledger
o Accounts Receivables
o Accounts Payables
o Cash and Banks

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